I'm an Engineer, Entrepreneur and a Student
Based in California

I'm studying Computer Science at the University of California at San Diego

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Here are some of the projects that I've made

They range from all kinds, from apps to robots.

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Swift Planner

Created to stop procrastination, Swift Planner provides a unique UI and design to account for procrastination. With over 1,000 downloads, download the app here

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Multiplication Tables

Designed for simplicity and utility. Multiplication Tables helps kids learn their times tables in an efficient manner. Its simple design allows for kids of all ages to learn on their own. Over 13,000 downloads to date. Download the app here

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Engaging game that warms up the brain while presenting a relaxing atmosphere. Over 2.6 thousand downloads to date. Download the app here

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Target Detection
FRC 2016

Using C++ and the OpenCV library, this program detects the height, azimuth, and distance of a castle entrance. Used in the 2016 FRC Stronghold Robotics Competition. View the Github Repo.

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Cipher Program

Shah Cipher

Using Vanilla Javascript, I created my own encryption algorithm to encrypt strings. I'm currently working on using the algorithm to encrypt files. View the Github Repo here or see it in action here.

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JavaScript Online

JavaScript Online Compiler

Frustrated that I couldn't find a pure JS code editor online to test out algorithms, I wrote an online compiler to easily code in JavaScript and see your output without needing to write any HTML. View the Github Repo here or see it in action here.

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VR Flight

Virtual Reality Flight

At HackMerced, I envisioned a VR experience in which users could fly around in a feeling of bliss. However, noticing that most VR Experiences were only for GearVR or Oculus Rift, I decided to make this experience for Google Cardboard. My team thus created VR Flight, a Unity VR Game for iOS and Android. View the Github Repo here.

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  • Mayor's Cup

    Competed in a cybersecurity competition with 125 other teams. My team took 1st Place and was invited to the Sacremento legislature to discuss the importance of Cybersecurity.

  • Cyber Innovation Challenge

    My team took 2nd Place in the inaugural California Cyber Innovation Challenge, an invite-only competition for the best Cybersecurity teams in California.

  • CodeDay Fall 2015 (Best App)

    Won best app in a 24 hour hackathon against high school and college students. My app Swift Planner, a planner app for iOS designed to stop procrasination, was unanimously chosen as the best app.

  • 17,000+ Downloads

    Coming from 98 countries and 6 continents, my apps have totaled at around 17,000+ downloads.

  • Cyber Boot Camp

    Completed a week long, invite-only, extensive cybersecurity bootcamp at General Atomics. I was taught how to use Kali Linux for cyber defense.


    I was admitted to the highly selective COSMOS program, where I studied sound analysis and mobile programming under Professor Martin Jaroszewicz. I created a physical model of a ping-pong model that users could interact with using SceneKit. (Project: Zoom)
  • CodeDay Fall 2016 (Top Overall)

    Won top overall with my team in a 24 hour hackathon against high school and college students. Our application, The Shipping Center was chosen as the best project against all other competitors. Using the Facebook Graph API and a SQL Database (run through Java) communicating using Socket.io, the web app allowed for friends to "ship", or match their friends with each other. You can see a demo here.
    (SQL Server Status (Required for Matchmaking): Not Live)